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【The China Post 每日精選】:一 英文中國郵報 2017/05/15 06:13:00 TAIPEI, Taiwan — Nature, gratitude and simplicity are the three core values that Kyoto cuisine, also known as kaiseki-ryori, has demonstrated throughout much of Japan's culinary history.▲圖/翻攝自中國郵報Kaiseki, literally meaning stones embraced in the arms, originally referred to the action of Japanese Zen monks holding warm stones to relieve the starving pain of their fasting. The word later grew to mean a traditional multi-course Japanese meal that allows one to enjoy the tastes of nature.At ibuki by Takagi Kazuo at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei (台北遠東國際大飯店), the combination of fresh and seasonal ingredients brings together the aesthetic values of Kyoto cuisine. This is exemplified in full at the masterful hands of its head chef Paul Liu (劉育宸). Ibuki's new curated menu, a joint effort by Liu and the consultant chef Takagi Kazuo, also features an array of teppanyaki, sushi and tempura items.Diners will experience the most authentic flavors of Japan in modern presentation with subtle Taiwanese accents at this high-end Kyoto cuisine restaurant.For starters, try the Handmade Yam Noodles (白昆布漬山藥細麵), a delicate Japanese summer appetizer. Pickled in select kelp for at least a night, the yam is cut as fine as misua and flavored with soup jelly made from Liu's specialty soup stock. This dish not only gives you a refreshing taste but also makes you swoon with its sweet, elegant aroma.Another featured appetizer is the Handmade Sesame Tofu (手工胡麻豆腐). The tofu is fully handmade with Taiwanese white sesame, Japanese fern powder and arrowroot flour. Atop the chef's special soup jelly and the authentic Hokkaido sea urchin, the tofu has a smooth yet strong and refreshing taste.For the mains, Sea Eel Tempura (星鰻天婦羅) is a particularly memorable highlight. The sea eel is directly imported from Japan and braised with sugar, soy sauce and sake before it is deep-fried, so that the diners can enjoy the original taste of the sea eel. It is rich, but not greasy.Under the lead of Liu, the restaurant will not only provide its famous Kyoto cuisine, but also offer a selection of cocktails in a first-time collaboration with Suntory, including the famous High Ball, a whiskey-based drink, at ibuki Bar.If you are seeking for a place to have the authentic Kyoto cuisine with fresh ingredients and creative culinary techniques, ibuki by Takagi Kazuo is definitely worth shelling out your cash for. 上一頁 下一頁



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