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【The China Post 每日精選】:一 英文中國郵報 2017/05/14 06:13:00 TAIPEI, Taiwan — The WannaCry worm has spread astonishingly rapidly, halting services across the globe as it infects government agencies, hospitals, businesses and other organizations. An accidentally discovered "kill switch" is slowly curbing the spread, but it won't do any good for computers that are already affected.▲圖/翻攝自中國郵報Microsoft, which is regarding the ransomware as a severe threat, advises affected users to run one of three free programs to detect and remove the threat.Microsoft users with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 should use Windows Defender, while those with Windows 7 and Windows Vista should use Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Safety Scanner, another free download, can also be a fix for infected PCs.PreventionMicrosoft has also released emergency security patches to defend against the malware for unsupported versions of Windows, such as XP and Server 2003, as well as modern versions.At the moment, all PCs that do not have the latest Microsoft security updates are vulnerable to attack by the ransomware.Security giant Symantec said ransomware variants appear on a regular basis, which is why it's vital to download all software updates – which frequently contain patches for fresh vulnerabilities — even if your software appears to be working fine.Symantec also warns that email is one of the main infection methods, and to be wary of unexpected emails especially if they contain links and attachments."Be extremely wary of any Microsoft Office email attachment that advises you to enable macros to view its content. Unless you are absolutely sure that this is a genuine email from a trusted source, do not enable macros and instead immediately delete the email," Symantec writes in a statement. 上一頁 下一頁



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