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【The China Post 每日精選】:三 英文中國郵報 2017/05/11 06:14:00 TAIPEI, Taiwan — Of the five shows that make up FOOD TAIPEI, four best▲圖/翻攝自中國郵報reflect Taiwan's edge in technology and industry. Experts annually use these special four venues to launch their latest tech,trends and breakthrough products.Besides holding the edge in price, Taiwan turns on the latest tech to cover every facet of the food industry. And it can all be seen at FOODTECH & PHARMATECH TAIPEI and TAIPEI PACK, which connect the genius of tech with the world of food from June 21 to 24.Thanks to Taiwan's naturally endowed geographic location, the island is brimming with a unique and robust food culture which is accented by experts, entrepreneurs and chefs at the helm of an industry thatannually exports NT$88.7billion. Its food processingand related tech lead itsEuropean and American counterparts in price, stability and efficiency, which are backed up by great after-service. Did you know? Taiwan exports 70 percent of its food machinery. I bet you didn't!Food tech and packaging boosts standards for food safety & food-related productsThis four-day expo coversthe innovations, regulationsand packing techniquesthat ripple across the foodchain to alter tastes and markets. Tens of thousands use it to keep pace with constant changes in food. At PHARMATECH, you can check out Yenchen Machinery's Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine, which inspects capsules with the latest automatic optical vision. Nearby at FOODTECH, turn on Yang Jenq Machinery's multi-function dough forming machine, which operates with only two attendants. Only two! Suchproducts underscore the shift toward automated production lines.TAIWAN HORECA with top tech for hotels, restaurants, bakeries & cateringTAIWAN HORECA gives avast overview of catering andhotel products. Besides the oldfavorites that range from tableware to special dietary meals, thereis the latest innovative specialized equipment for restaurantsand hotels that bake up the best! This event features thebig names like DKSH Taiwan, Asia Great Land, FancyFood, Nespresso, Unitech Foodservice, and Freser in 680-plus booths.For more information, please visit these websites -FOOD TAIPEI: www.foodtaipei.com.twFOODTECH & PHARMATECH TAIPEI: www.foodtech.com.twTAIPEI PACK: www.taipeipack.com.twTAIWAN HORECA: www.Taiwanhoreca.com.twHALAL TAIWAN: www.halalexpo.com.tw 精彩內文還沒完,點此看下一頁 上一頁 1 2 下一頁



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